What questions need to ask your doctors before taking statins

It has never been more important to be an informed patient, asking questions of your physician and insisting on answers that you can understand.

If your doctor wants you to take a statin, you need to ask these questions:

  1. Can I try altering my diet first to see if my cholesterol numbers improve? And if so, what diet should I follow?
  2. Can you explain to me what my cholesterol numbers mean and how, according to the current guidelines, I meet the criteria for going on a statin?
  3. Can you calculate my Framingham risk score and tell me what my risk is of having a cardiac event in the next ten years? (The National Institutes of Health has a website that allows you to figure out your own Framingham risk score, at
  4. If diet doesn’t get my cholesterol to a healthier level, could I take other, safer medicines than statins
  5. Is the dose of statin you are prescribing considered high, low, or average?
  6. You say that my CRP is high and that even though my cholesterol is not elevated, I need to go on a statin. What are other risk factors about me? Are women different than men in effects?




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