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NASA Physician’s Permanent Damage Caused by statins

For NASA astronaut and physician Dr. Duane Graveline, a nightmare experience resulted in a steady decline in health. Dr. Graveline began taking statins for high cholesterol in March 1999. His total cholesterol during an annual physical had come in at 270 and he believed, like almost all of his medical colleagues, that cholesterol was the cause of heart disease. In fact, when he was in family practice, he had treated his patients with “one cholesterol buster after another, believing cholesterol to be […]

Statin should not be your first defense line

Statins have become a doctor’s first line of defense; the best resort, not the last resort. There are certainly people who could stand to benefit from these medications—people who have exhausted smarter and more natural options first, such as changes in diet and lifestyle. This is despite the fact that these drugs, while being touted as a grand cure-all, have done nothing to stop the rise of heart disease in this country: It is still the number-one killer among both men […]

University professor’s experience with statins

“I am a fifty-eight-year-old man who is slim, physically active, healthy. As is the case with two of my three siblings, the cholesterol in my blood— particularly the one of the not so desirable kind—is moderately elevated. My GP started me on a statin in 2001; atorvastatin (Lipitor) at 10 milligrams per day worked to his complete satisfaction and to mine. Or so I thought. In 2005 I started experiencing paresthesia and joint pain, mostly in the legs and arms. […]

A Cardio Surgeon’s Experience

D.F. is a cardiothoracic surgeon at a university medical center. His cardiologist put him on lovastatin for slightly elevated cholesterol levels. After about six months, when there was no drop in his levels, the dose was doubled. Shortly thereafter, he awoke one morning with burning pain and loss of sensation in his left foot. Convinced that he had developed a clot in his leg, D.F. examined himself. But the pulse in his foot was fine, and there was no bluish discoloration of […]

J.N.’s experience: not appropriately used guideline

J.N. is an attorney who practices in the southern United States. He had no family history of coronary heart disease, was not diabetic, had never smoked, and did not have high blood pressure. He was overweight but had no symptoms of heart disease. His primary care doctor had referred him to a cardiologist in 2006, when it was thought that he might have pericarditis (an inflammation in the sac around the heart), but this diagnosis was never confirmed, and his symptoms, […]

What Side Effects Can Stains Cause

Statin drugs have become the first treatment option for high cholesterol. Statin medicines to lower cholesterol were approved in the United States in 1987. Now that statin use has accelerated, as more and more people have taken statins, there have been more and more reports of serious and sometimes fatal side effects. Some of the patients complain about muscle aches and weakness, or tendonitis, while others struggle with frightening memory loss and difficulty concentrating. Reported Side Effects […]