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Cholesterol and Congestive Heart Disease

“There is absolutely no correlation between saturated fat intake, cholesterol levels, and heart disease. The most accurate research looking at this issue in different countries is the MONICA (Monitoring of Trends and Determinants in Cardiovascular Disease) study that started in the mid-1980s and is run by the World Health Organization. If you look at the figures, it’s extremely clear […]

Statin’s Effects And Answer to Cholesterol Hypothesis

The positive aspects of statins include their ability to lower LDL cholesterol, to combat inflammation, to improve the function of the inner lining of arteries, to combat oxidation (the oxidized form of LDL cholesterol injures arteries, initiating the buildup of plaque), and to decrease the tendency of clots to form. Some scientists believe that the anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties […]

Cholesterol and Clogged Arteries

It seems to make logical sense: Eat a lot of saturated fat and cholesterol and it will clog your arteries, much like greasy sludge clogs the pipes in a kitchen sink. It’s a convenient and vivid image. But it’s also dead wrong because your arteries are nothing like the pipes under your sink. Normal body temperature was approximately […]


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