Statin should not be your first defense line

Statins have become a doctor’s first line of defense; the best resort, not the last resort. There are certainly people who could stand to benefit from these medications—people who have exhausted smarter and more natural options first, such as changes in diet and lifestyle.

This is despite the fact that these drugs, while being touted as a grand cure-all, have done nothing to stop the rise of heart disease in this country: It is still the number-one killer among both men and women in the United States and it is expected to become a worldwide epidemic by 2020.

Instead of prescribing an artificial way to make cholesterol numbers merely look good on paper, maybe doctors and medical researchers should start paying attention to the underlying reasons why cholesterol numbers go up in the first place and what implications that is having on the health of their patients.

“Statin drugs unnaturally lower cholesterol without addressing the underlying cause for what caused the elevation in the first place. Elevated cholesterol can be a symptom of inflammation and it’s the cause of that inflammation that is the root cause of heart disease. This is the essence of the message I teach my clients. Cholesterol increases to address any damage that is going on in the
blood vessels. Having high cholesterol shouldn’t be alarming, but it should force you to closely examine what is going on.”  – Cassie Bjork

“There are some negative study results about statin drugs that are not being reported to the public. So you now have a bias in the medical literature that touts all the positive results of taking statin medications. The interpretation of this by medical doctors is that prescribing these drugs is okay. It’s the wrong answer. Based on the side effects we have seen and the fundamental metabolic
pathways that are interrupted by these statin drugs, probably 100 percent of people taking them experience side effects, they just might not be aware of them yet. We know that statins are disrupting their metabolism and negative things are going on. It’s just that the these things could take years to manifest.”   – Dr. Philip Blair

“Hundreds of millions of people at this point are compromising their health by taking a statin drug, and it’s just horrible.”  – Stephanie Seneff





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