Cholesterol And Atherosclerosis & Blood Clot

Is cholesterol mainly responsible for Atherosclerosis & blood clot?

“Cholesterol is not the problem. Cholesterol is one of the most important biochemicals in the human body. Inflammation, not cholesterol, underlies atherosclerosis.”   – Dr. Duane Graveline

Medical education and the current healthcare system has led most doctors to believe that medications are the only effective tools that are available to patients.

“One of the most perverse things about cholesterol is this: I can guarantee that I can lower your LDL readings and your total cholesterol readings by giving you a great big dose of omega-6 fats. I can give you exactly the wrong thing for your heart health to lower the numbers. Your blood cholesterol levels will drop like a stone. You’ll drop your levels by 13–18 percent and your doctor will be
happy with your progress. But what you’ve done to your body is probably the absolute worst thing you could ever do.”   – David Gillespie




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