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What is atherosclerosis and how to avoid it

The Process of Atherosclerosis

Many diseases can affect the heart, but the most common one is atherosclerosis. The word was first introduced in 1904 and is derived from two Greek words: athera, meaning “porridge” or “gruel”; and scleros, meaning “hard.” One of the earliest signs of atherosclerosis is called the “fatty streak.” These lesions are made up of specialized white blood cells that […]

What Risk Factors Can Cause Atherosclerosis

These modifiable risk factors can develop atherosclerosis: Smoking Abnormal levels of cholesterol/triglycerides High blood pressure Diabetes Obesity Sedentary life style Inflammation These factors cannot be modified: Age Family medical history The more of those risk factors you have, the greater your chance of developing atherosclerosis.      

What Is Atherosclerosis

Atherosclerosis is a form of hardening of the arteries in which plaque accumulates in the walls of arteries, eventually causing the opening of the vessels to narrow. When an artery becomes narrowed enough, the oxygen and nutrients carried by the blood cannot reach the organ supplied by that artery, starving it. For instance, the coronary arteries deliver blood to […]

How Blood Got Clots

“What we’re fighting against is the idea that dietary fat clogging arteries is the problem. What happens is we lose the function of the lipoproteins to deliver fats to cells and tissues. So fat doesn’t clog our arteries like what happens in the pipes underneath your sink. This kind of thinking is absurd, given the fact that we now […]

Atherosclerosis The Inflammatory Disease

“We’ve long known that atherosclerosis is an inflammatory disease. In the absence of inflammation or injury to the endothelial cell, the cholesterol would never go through the arterial wall and it would never stay there.”  – Dr. Dwight Lundell It is the root cause of the rise in heart attacks, strokes, and cardiovascular disease. “When we’re talking about inflammation, […]


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