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What is healthy cholesterol and how to achieve it.

Cholesterol and Forced DIY Heathcare

We are almost forced to do this. We don’t have many choices. “The population will become split between the smart and the dumb. The smart ones will begin taking their health into their own hands because they’re already seeing that what we are doing now is not working. Our diet is not working because 70 […]

Cholesterol And Atherosclerosis & Blood Clot

Is cholesterol mainly responsible for Atherosclerosis & blood clot? “Cholesterol is not the problem. Cholesterol is one of the most important biochemicals in the human body. Inflammation, not cholesterol, underlies atherosclerosis.”   – Dr. Duane Graveline Medical education and the current healthcare system has led most doctors to believe that medications are the only effective tools that are available to patients. […]

What Is Cholesterol

What is cholesterol, and why do we need to be concerned about it if the level is considered high? If your doctor tells you your cholesterol is 250, for example, what does that mean? In addition to being manufactured in the body, cholesterol is also found in foods derived from animal sources. Cholesterol serves many important functions […]

Cholesterol and Clogged Arteries

It seems to make logical sense: Eat a lot of saturated fat and cholesterol and it will clog your arteries, much like greasy sludge clogs the pipes in a kitchen sink. It’s a convenient and vivid image. But it’s also dead wrong because your arteries are nothing like the pipes under your sink. Normal body temperature was approximately […]

What Is Cholesterol and Why Body Needs It

Cholesterol is a waxy, fat-like substance produced primarily in the liver. It is essential to the life of humans and animals; without it, our cells could not repair themselves, we could not maintain proper hormone levels, we could not properly absorb vitamin D from the sun, we could not regulate our salt and water balance, and we could not […]


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