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How statin drug work and their uses.

Why Statin Drug Therapy Is Less Effective for Women

There’s compelling evidence that they are less effective for women than for men. A ten-year study of over 52,000 subjects, conducted by Norwegian researchers showed that women with “high cholesterol” levels (above 270 mg/dL) had close to 30 percent less chance of dying of heart disease, a heart attack, or a stroke than those women […]

Statin should not be your first defense line

Statins have become a doctor’s first line of defense; the best resort, not the last resort. There are certainly people who could stand to benefit from these medications—people who have exhausted smarter and more natural options first, such as changes in diet and lifestyle. This is despite the fact that these drugs, while being touted as a grand cure-all, have […]

What questions need to ask your doctors before taking statins

It has never been more important to be an informed patient, asking questions of your physician and insisting on answers that you can understand. If your doctor wants you to take a statin, you need to ask these questions: Can I try altering my diet first to see if my cholesterol numbers improve? And if so, […]

How Statins Work to Lower Cholsterol

Statins work by inhibiting an enzyme that is crucial to the manufacture of cholesterol by the body. (An enzyme is a specialized protein that helps to speed up a chemical reaction. For example, our digestive enzymes help speed up the breakdown of food into simple chemicals that can then be absorbed into the body.) Statins also […]

What Side Effects Can Stains Cause

Statin drugs have become the first treatment option for high cholesterol. Statin medicines to lower cholesterol were approved in the United States in 1987. Now that statin use has accelerated, as more and more people have taken statins, there have been more and more reports of serious and sometimes fatal side effects. Some of the patients complain […]

Statin’s Effects And Answer to Cholesterol Hypothesis

The positive aspects of statins include their ability to lower LDL cholesterol, to combat inflammation, to improve the function of the inner lining of arteries, to combat oxidation (the oxidized form of LDL cholesterol injures arteries, initiating the buildup of plaque), and to decrease the tendency of clots to form. Some scientists believe that the anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties […]

What are the list of different statins

There are seven different statin drugs prescribed in the US. Atorvastatin was developed by Pfizer and sold under the name Lipitor. Pfizer owned the patent until expiration in November 2011. Lipitor is synthetic and it is also used to reduce triglyceride levels as well as reducing blood pressure. It is estimated that 21% of statin […]


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